Charles & Co is an interior design studio based in New York with residential and commercial projects in Europe and North America. We founded the company on a simple principle: Carefully listen to our clients and the surrounding environment so that our designs are natural reflections of both. Our approach relies on design before decoration, honest materials and collaborating with expert craftsmen to create a depth and substance that goes beyond photo ready to become living ready.

We collaborate early and often with clients and their architects to inform the fundamental identity of a space whether it’s a small scale residential renovation or new construction of a large scale commercial project.

 Our flexibility allows us to work with a range of clients from those who have a strong vision of what they would like to achieve to those who look to us to create a vision that resonates with their needs and lifestyle. 

We believe every challenging project is made simpler through candor and transparency.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky grew up in the UK where she started working for Soho House as a waitress. Over a 20 year career, she worked her way up to Global Head of Design and was responsible for leading the design of signature properties for the brand including Soho Farmhouse, The Ned, Malibu, Chicago, Berlin, and Soho House Barcelona.  She also developed the company’s range of Soho Home Products. Vicky started Charles & Co to bring that experience to a more intimate scale. She lives with her two children and husband in New York City and the Hudson Valley countryside.


Julia Corden

Julia is a founding partner of Charles & Co., bringing over 15 years of experience in television production, talent management and public relations to the studio. Julia works across a number of disciplines pivotal to the business of design including marketing and public relations, business development, and client management.  She collaborates with Vicky to ensure client objectives are achieved through seamless communication. Julia lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.